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The market for applications for different mobile devices has expanded very rapidly in the past few years.  Mushoq offers the development of advanced applications in native language, for iOS and Andoid.  By using the native language during development, we are allowed to create advanced and complicated applications according to our clients' requirements.

 ANDROID Development

IOS Development



Hybrid Applications

Nowadays, and thanks to the advances in processing power and web standardization, it is possible to develop multi-platform applications. These are a more cost effective development alternative due to the fact that they are created in a single environment, but are capable of being displayed in several platforms.

Hybrid development PhoneGap Cordova




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  Multimediashoq Cía. Ltda, Mushoq, is a web developer with 14 years of experience. We offer creative products and services surpassing the demands of the modern market through technology and permanent improvement.
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